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Mon, March 25

Argus Hamilton: God can’t bring peace to Trump, Democrats

Pope Francis asked Christians of all faiths to pray for peace during Lent. So the other night, I asked God to bring peace either to North and South Korea or peace between the Democrats and Trump, whichever one is doable by his almighty hand. Next day, North Korea came to the peace table.

President Trump scored a major diplomatic triumph by forcing North Korea to the peace table Thursday. The reviews are in. The New York Post called it a personal triumph for Trump, Fox News called it a victory of shrewd bargaining, while CNN called it the latest twist in the Russia investigation.

President Trump spent Thursday in the cabinet room declaring tariffs, reviewing violent video games and facing down North Korea. In the same room, he waged trade wars, reviewed video war games and just managed to avoid World War III. I don’t know how the Secret Service keeps him alive.

The White House announced Thursday President Trump accepted Kim Jung Un’s invitation to meet at the North Korean border for peace talks. The news struck me as a little too good. May I be the first to warn President Trump that Kim Jung Un will probably be wearing a wire for Robert Mueller.

North Korea’s Kim Jung Un offered to suspend missile testing and meet with President Trump to discuss removing all nuclear weapons from the peninsula. It’s nice to see them getting along. There’s no reason why we should have a nuclear war simply because two guys are mad at Super Cuts.

The White House staged a press briefing Thursday to report Kim Jung Un’s offer to engage in peace conference with Trump. The North Koreans called this the second meeting that Kim Jung Un has had with a U.S. president. The nation is so isolated they still think

Dennis Rodman was Obama.

Porn star Stormy Daniels sued President Trump seeking to allow her to discuss their alleged affair twelve years ago in Tahoe. Trump’s lawyer paid her one hundred thirty grand to remain quiet about it. Donald Trump must be the only man ever to believe a porn star could keep her mouth closed.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife reversed a ban on imports from trophy hunting. In other words, Trump’s fourth wife has been warned. Melania Trump once told a reporter she was breathless the moment she first saw Donald, probably because the Slovenians poked only one hole in the crate.

New York City and San Francisco hosted parades for International Women’s Day Thursday which marched on behalf of Democratic Party causes. It’s shouldn’t be a one-party celebration. Republicans support parades and marches and rallies for women, it keeps them off the golf course.

Roman Catholic schools were singled out by safety officials Tuesday on how they avoid attacks by students. No doubt parochial school classrooms are safe. My Irish comedian friends raised in New York and in Chicago assure me that a nun with a ruler is far deadlier than a kid with an assault rifle.

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen announced he will invest one hundred twenty-five million dollars into an AI research lab. They will try to teach common sense to Artificial Intelligence machines. And if it works there, they’re going to try it on Congress and Academy Award dressmakers.

O.J. Simpson’s confessional interview taped twelve years ago with author Judith Regan will air for the first time tonight on Fox. The timing is right. OJ has to figure that if an accused rapist can win an Oscar in the middle of the Me Too era, a wife-killer could wind up with the Nobel Peace Prize.

Donald Trump Jr. flew to Mexico City Friday to inform President Niete Pena about the details of new tariffs on steel and aluminum. They’re a major trading partner. In addition to its manufacture of steel, aluminum, oil, silver, gold and tequila, Mexico is also the number-one producer of Americans.


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