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Thu, March 21

Rants & Raves: March 4, 2018

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  • My native country, Norway WON the Winter Olympics.

  • My native country just won the most medals for the 2018 winter Olympics. Does that make me anti-American? If it does, you need some medication. Norway is my native country and that I love along with the love of the U.S.A. They are equals in my heart.

  • I hope the winter games in Korea can be a start towards reunification. If the U.S.A. doesn’t get in the way. I might even give Trump some credit. Having thought out that last sentence. No.

  • Congratulations to the fire departments merger...great savings! Always good to go above projections.

  • If I were born a dog, I’d like to be born in Prescott. This town is Gaga about dogs. I’ve been on the downtown plaza numerous times. I’ve met a lot of humans and canines. Humans sure gain a lot of strength through dogs. It’s a very good thing.

  • The attorney general of Arizona is working on getting rid of the individual mandate for Obamacare. Didn’t congress just pass legislation to get rid of it? Help me understand this story/issue.

  • Don’t call it a mass shooting or killing. It’s a mass murder.

  • I have one question: Why should ANYONE, non-military, be able to buy an AR 51?

  • Guns, Guns, Guns … here’s where I go on this issue: Raise age limit to 21 and above for long guns, improve the background check system all guns sold. If necessary raise the waiting period to 5 days, if that will improve the background check system. Is that too much to ask?

  • So Dick’s Sporting Goods refuses to sell ugly-looking sporting rifles and normal-capacity magazines? Time to stop going?

  • George W. Bush gave up finding Osama Bin Laden. Barack Obama didn’t. Osama dead. Who’s your best friend? Democrats.

  • I should have sent this message before. And, it may be a past, but. Torture in the Middle East …should I care?

  • Walmart model...yesterday’s news a few years ago, hardly surprising, is it?

  • APS’s new rate data is designed to make their new charges impossible to calculate. Especially since you don’t state on-peak and off-peak hours on their bills. Looks like our bill will almost double. NOT HAPPY.

  • If you take Rosser Street right now, and are so impatient you can’t wait in the construction like the rest of us, take a different route. Don’t rudely go around the rest of us and almost run over the traffic directors.

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