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Tue, March 26

Argus Hamilton: $100K to dine with Barack Obama?

Beverly Hills hosted a Democratic Party fundraiser Thursday where Hollywood hot shots paid a hundred grand to dine with Barack Obama. At the reception line, there were a lot of awkward moments over how to properly address a former president. Three times people addressed him as Denzel.

LeBron James was the subject of sports media frenzy now that he is a free agent again this summer. LeBron started in Cleveland, then signed with Miami and three years later returned to Cleveland. He’s already going down in U.S. history as the only man ever to move back to Cleveland.

The London Daily Mail printed the confession of the late Beverly Hills dermatologist Eugene Klein, who said he was the sperm donor for two of Michael Jackson’s kids. It’s so heartwarming. Where else but in America could a black superstar marry Elvis’s daughter and have Jewish children?

Stormy Daniels attempted to drum up some publicity for her latest film by visiting the children at the Mexican border last week. Porn is so yesterday. People in Los Angeles now get sexually aroused by having their Facebook friends in Oklahoma share pictures of gas prices back in Oklahoma City. Oklahoma voters surprised the pundits by legalizing medical marijuana last Tuesday. It wasn’t an easy decision in the Bible Belt. Southern Baptists were torn between knowing that legalizing marijuana is morally wrong and realizing that it would give OU a recruiting advantage over Alabama.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly would resign this month after President Trump returns from his July European trip. Half of Trump’s staff have quit the administration. Some people will do whatever it takes to get a table at the Red Hen.

The Supreme Court adjourned after affirming Trump’s travel ban, outlawing union dues for political donations and standing up for religious rights and voter IDs. What a swath. In one more conservative decision before adjourning, the Supreme Court ruled that Anderson Cooper is straight.

The Supreme Court upheld President Trump’s travel ban on people coming to the US from six predominately Muslim nations that are racked by lawlessness, anarchy and terrorism. We can’t permit people from terrorist countries to enter the United States. It’s just too dangerous for them here.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government is reported teetering due to conservative anger over immigration, with morale sagging. However the Germans come home from Russia after their first-round elimination in the World Cup with one consolation. At least they made it to Moscow this time.

The World Cup’s opening round sent Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Tunisia and Morocco teams home early last week. One thing’s self-evident. All the predominately Muslim countries were eliminated early from the World Cup, proving that praying five times a day is a complete waste of time.

The White House confirmed plans are being made to hold a summit between President Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin, likely to be held next month in Helsinki. Trump and Putin hope to establish a level of trust from the meeting. It will be just the two of them and their food tasters.

House Republicans told the FBI to produce classified documents and end the Trump-Russia probe as Democrats insisted on extending the probe of Trump. In addition we’re tearing each other apart over illegal aliens this summer before we tear each other apart over the National Anthem this fall. When the Universe finally implodes on itself, I can’t help thinking it’ll make a toilet flushing sound.


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