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Mon, March 18

There’s only one way to get to Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce published a magazine ad for summer tourism which tells you there are twelve different ways that you can get to Los Angeles. Don’t believe everything you read. There’s only one way to get to Los Angeles, and that’s through a series of bad personal choices.

The Wall Street Journal quotes Labor Department insiders who hinted that an upcoming Jobs Report will reveal a new record that President Trump is sure to like. The report will say in the last month two million jobs were created. They’re all for the same position, as food taster for Republicans.

The Red Hen restaurant refused to serve Sarah Huckabee Sanders due to her affiliation with Trump. It’s been 60 years, but the Democrats are kicking people out of restaurants again. If I had the money, I’d open a Cracker Barrel in Washington D.C. so Republicans could get a bite to eat.

President Trump demanded illegals be turned back at the border without a hearing. The state of California knows where every untaxed car is parked but has no idea where a million illegals live. We could solve the problem, but no one has the nerve to put the DMV in charge of immigration

The NFL suspended Tampa Bay quarterback James Winston for three games after a female Uber driver accused him of grabbing her in the crotch. It outraged many Democrats. The next night, Winston was refused service by a restaurant for being a suspected disciple of President Trump

NFL revenue losses due to anthem kneeling had owners reportedly fearing league downsizing small market teams Monday. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Green Bay Packers could combine and form one team called the Tam Packs.

The Department of Homeland Security began the laborious process of reuniting children with their illegal immigrant parents who have been detained at the border and are now awaiting a court date. The entire situation at the border proves one thing once and for all. Kids are nothing but trouble.

Fox News benched David Bossie for saying black host Joel Payne is out of his cotton-picking mind after Payne likened him and all Trump people to Nazis. We’ve come so far. When I was a little boy, we played Cowboys and Indians and now that we’re enlightened we play Nazis and Slaves.

The Holocaust Museum in Los Angeles was shocked by a poll it recently commissioned which found that two-thirds of Millennials say they never heard of Auschwitz. They have no idea of the horrors that went on there. This lets actors call Trump a Nazi without being hassled by fact checkers.

President Trump will meet Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle in two weeks. Whatever gift he brings the Queen must be very carefully selected. During World War II the Roosevelts would regularly send her family Virginia hams and bacon, and today that could start a Holy War in London.

President Trump flew aboard Air Force One through thunderstorms and lightning and heavy turbulence to Colombia South Carolina on Monday night to speak to a campaign rally on behalf of the GOP governor candidate. He wasn’t afraid at all. Lightning never strikes the same person twice.

Fox News star Kimberly Guilfoyle posed in an Instagram photo Saturday with Donald Trump Jr. at a rock concert. It confirms they’re dating. Her willingness to date President’s Trump’s son takes a lot of public courage, but she was tired of being allowed in restaurants in the DC area anyway.


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