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Sun, June 16

Letter: Change is needed


Syndicated columnist Michael Reagan claims that liberals have a “deranged hatred” for President Trump. He compares us to the alt-right that obsessed about Obama’s birthplace and his radical friends.

As I recall, Trump was the guy obsessed about Obama’s birthplace and the guy who refused to denounce the white supremacists. Obama’s lefty supporters believe in freedom and democracy while Trump’s friends believe in torture and despotism.

Liberals don’t have a “deranged hatred” for Trump. We would say he’s “honorable,” like Kim Jung Un, I guess. We do, however, have a dislike for his behavior. I won’t call him a liar but he constantly lies. I won’t call him a cheater, but he cheats on his wives, on the golf course, and who knows what else … maybe taxes?

More importantly, we dislike his policies which are weakening our democracy. Examples are: isolating the U.S. economically and politically from the rest of the world, widening the income gap with huge tax cuts to the wealthiest 2 percent, privatizing schools, prisons and government to profit the wealthy, weakening NATO and the world order which favors Russia, discrediting democratic institutions like the FBI, Justice Department, and the State Department, and challenging personal freedoms like the right to vote, the right to healthcare, and the right to a living wage.

I won’t call these policies treasonous, but they all weaken our democracy and our position in the world. We need to change direction.

Bob Lynne



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