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Thu, Nov. 21

Rants&Raves: June 3, 2018

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-Kudos to the Rogers for pursuing a conversation easement for Coldwater Farm. Arizona Eco Development should follow their lead, and help preserve the Granite Dells. Instead they plan for 3,300 homes, many in the heart of Prescott’s most scenic attraction.

-Amazed at the number of people who say they would confront someone over litter. In a town where so many carry guns and alcohol abounds I’ll wait until they leave and pick it up myself.

-Ever wandered into a room in your house, then realized you forgot why you walked into this room. You have to leave and conjure up your previous thought pattern and walla!

-Don’t people get married anymore? The Daily Courier regularly lists Births at YRMC. But so many of them are by women, who are not married to the named/un-named fathers. Is this a problem of our current culture?

-Just got back from the Granite Dells. The words Granite Dells seems kind of static to me. How about Lumpy Rocks. It’s descriptive, kinetic and humorous. The vote just came in and Lumpy Rocks is the winner. Lumpy Rocks.

-Re: NFL protest editorial. I also support a ban on unpatriotic displays. Furthermore, I think teams should be boycotted if certain blocks of conspicuous players refrain from making an entrance until after the anthem is finished.

-Just because the parents of a newborn have different last names does not mean they are not married. There are many reasons for women to keep their maiden names, including cultural or professional reasons.

-As long as new community members do not try to change Prescott to be just like their old hometown, let us welcome them with open arms. If they liked their old hometown so much, why did they move here?

-Governor, it does not matter what you believe personally about creation vs. evolution. Unfortunately, evolutionism is rampant in our society and cannot be ignored. It should be taught, however, as the theory that it is, along with alternative theories.

-With all the development and paving could Prescott end up like Ellicott City if 8 inches fell in a couple hours?

-Regarding the Prescott Valley Grand Prix: This dust creator does not belong in downtown Prescott Valley! Move it to an outlying area. Many people have breathing problems. They do not need this dust creator.

-Some of the biggest complainers against growth are newcomers themselves. Like Flagstaff a decade ago, newcomers wanted to slam the door shut and said they wanted to keep the city small. I say go back or move on.

-Aren’t statues in a roundabout a distraction for drivers who should be concentrating on their driving? (i.e. the horses in the roundabout from the outer loop into Chino Valley). Statues are better displayed in parks.

-The Phippen Art Show gets better each year and is a fabulous tribute to what Western Heritage means to Prescott. Kudos to the Phippen Museum and the folks who keep the heritage alive.

-Two more stories of irresponsible teens. When are they ging to start holding parents responsible for their kids?

-George Phippen bronze in front of the museum was a brilliant idea. It brings another “touch of class’ to my hometown that I am so proud of.

-This is everyone’s hometown. We are outsiders, but we welcome newcomers. If we were shut out because of the no-growthers, where would we go? We are very happy to see Prescott grow, less worries that way.

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