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Wed, July 24

Letter: Illegal entrants


In the July 29 edition of the Daily Courier, Mr. Richard Rosenfield of Prescott wrote in to express the view that a border wall would be overly expensive and will not work, but he expressed no constructive ideas about illegal immigration. I agree that there are places where border security can more effectively be accomplished with tools other than a wall, but that isn’t really the most important point. The reality is that we will always have immigration, both legal and illegal, so what we should be asking is: “What kind of immigration system, and what kind of immigrants, do we want?”

Do we want immigrants who are willing to abide by our laws? Who are willing to work and contribute to our society? Who are willing to accept our country’s language, laws and mores and not insist on re-making America in the image of the country they came from? If these are to be the goals of our immigration system, then we should stop rewarding those who come here illegally.

Today, we do reward illegal entrants by allowing them to work and take full advantage of our society’s schools, hospitals and other support services, and if they happen to give birth to a child while here that child is automatically eligible for citizenship. All of this should stop immediately. These are benefits that should only be available to citizens and legal residents. If illegal entrants were not able to take advantage of these benefits, believe me, they would get in line and wait their turn to become legal entrants. Then a wall would definitely not be needed.

Bill Hezzelwood



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