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Meet the candidates for Dewey-Humboldt mayor, council

Terry Nolan, Victoria Wendt, Karen Brooks, Mark McBrady, Doug Treadway and Nancy Wright

Terry Nolan, Victoria Wendt, Karen Brooks, Mark McBrady, Doug Treadway and Nancy Wright


Seven candidates are running for mayor and council seats in Dewey-Humboldt: two for mayor, and five for three council seats.

Here are brief biographies and questions and answers, submitted by the candidates in alphabetical order, for voters to look over before the Aug. 28 election. Each candidate had a 50-word limit with which to answer the last three questions.


Terry Nolan

Name: Terry Nolan

Age: 74

Length of time in Dewey-Humboldt: Since 1972.

Occupation and professional background: I’ve been self-employed for the past 25 years as owner and operator of Humboldt Precast.

Educational background: I have four years of high school, four years of electrical apprenticeship, two years in the Army (one year in Vietnam), two years college business classes.

What made you decide to run for mayor? I am currently the mayor and want to continue to be the mayor for the next two years. There are numerous issues that I would like to see continued and approved through the next council. We have a momentum going and we need to concentrate on approving these issues.

What are the three main issues facing Dewey-Humboldt in the coming term? Just some of the main issues are the new Community Plan, develop a new ingress-egress through the town to access the back of Blue Hills (very important), to develop a firebreak on the west side of the town on Forest Service property (very, very important).

What are your goals and priorities as mayor? Goals are hard to accomplish. You are working with six other members. We need to work together. The council has already approved working with the Arizona Parks Department to establish the smelter area as a state park. This will happen and be a real benefit for the town and its economy.


Victoria Wendt

Name: Victoria J. Wendt

Age: 65, turning 66 by election day

Length of time in Dewey-Humboldt: Since 1992

Occupation and professional background: Thirteen years as a semi/tractor-trailer driver: one of the first women semi drivers in metro Phoenix. Five years transportation department supervisor: negotiated common carrier contracts, supervised personnel, managed the day-to-day operations of a large warehouse and traffic department for a major grocery store chain. Thirteen years professional bookkeeper: provided professional bookkeeping services to a variety of business clients. Eleven years local service business owner: operated a successful service business in the Dewey-Humboldt area for more than a decade.

Educational background: Graduated Central High School 1970; attended Mesa Community College - business management.

What made you decide to run for mayor? I feel it is time for a change in our mayoral leadership. I will bring innovative ideas while still supporting our country environment and lifestyle. I will be a mayor who is transparent, honest and open, this will always be my highest priority.

What are the three main issues facing Dewey-Humboldt in the coming term? Infrastructure: Safety is a viable concern. In addition, a secondary country dirt road standard needs serious consideration. Revenue: We need to develop additional revenue sources all the while remaining true to the reasons we all moved to our country town. The General Plan is a must-do with community input.

What are your goals and priorities as mayor/council member? I will ensure full disclosure and transparency related to potential commercial or residential development issues at the earliest possible time. Encourage reasonable, controlled and sustainable development. Conduct town meetings in a more businesslike manner with consideration for all in attendance and by promoting team support among council members.


Name: Karen Brooks

Age: 67, turning 68 by election day


Karen Brooks

Length of time living in Dewey-Humboldt: Since 1951

Occupation and professional background: Retired. Employed by VA Medical Center as a prosthetic purchasing agent, 24 years. Cosmetologist, 20 years.

Educational background: Humboldt Elementary School, 1956 through 1964; Prescott High School graduate, 1968.

What made you decide to run for council? I love the D-H area, the diversification of its citizens, and the long history the town has. I am concerned about losing our country lifestyle in the process of growing our town while improving our economic base.

What are the three main issues facing Dewey-Humboldt in the coming term? Developing our infrastructure for safe ingress and egress from Blue Hills and the east side of the Agua Fria River. Responsible growth and development while maintaining the good things we already have in our town. Reviewing the proposed ordinances and existing ordinances to see if they are citizen friendly as possible.

What are your goals and priorities as council member? Strengthening and improving our community value of neighbors, helping neighbors in our town. Opening up more communication and developing trust.

Name: Lynn Collins

Age: 59

Length of time living in Dewey-Humboldt: 4.5 years, 50 years in Arizona

Occupation and professional background/education background: I am a retired factory worker. When the growth bomb went off in Maricopa County beginning in late 1990s early 2000s, I educated myself on city planning issues and processes by attending as many types of land use planning meetings as possible.

What made you decide to run for council? I am running for council because our General Plan update may be delayed four years. We have one chance to get this right and stay rural. Land use planning here must be planned the way our current residents want it to be planned.

What are the three main issues facing Dewey-Humboldt in the coming term? Three main issues in Dewey-Humboldt are: Roads and evacuation routes for emergencies. Planning and control of growth to preserve low-density neighborhoods while limiting negative impacts of commercial development. Also, coordinating planning of low-impact commercial with accessibility.

What are your goals and priorities as council member? My priorities as a councilmember will be: Implement rural road standards. Reform town codes to accommodate the lifestyles of people who live here to protect rural land uses from being regulated out of existence. Identify and correct town codes or policies that fail to control and plan RURAL SCALE growth.


Mark McBrady

Name: Mark McBrady

Age: 65

Length of time in Dewey-Humboldt: Since 2003; owned property since 1983, involved in community organization since 1993.

Occupation and professional background: Over a two-year period I was with the U.S. Forest Service Helitack Division which gave me experience which helps me in assessing the fire danger in our area. In 1980, my wife and I moved to Arizona and created Arizona Log Homes, Inc. I then qualified for a B-1 Arizona General Contractors License, and helped build over 90 home, including the beautiful handcrafted log Maswik Transportation Center in the Grand Canyon Park. Since 1991 I’ve been developing Humboldt Station, an Old West designed commercial center along Main Street and Highway 69 in Humboldt. My career has given me insight into what professional, well-run communities and government agencies, working with the public, can and should accomplish.

Educational background: I attended University of California Santa Barbara for three years as a political science major.

What made you decide to run for council? To continue representing the citizens of D-H like I have for the last 10 years. By limiting the size of our town government, by keeping our town debt free, insisting on no property taxes, and by always listening to our citizens, this will continue be a wonderful place to live.

What are the three main issues facing Dewey-Humboldt in the coming term? Fire Safety: Do everything we can to protect our citizens and their animals safety in case of a major fire. Develop new and better ways to maintain and, as least, courtesy grade ALL roads in D-H. Work with ADOT to protect the flow of traffic on all our major intersections.

What are your goals and priorities as council member? Develop hiring policies that assure future town staff will work with and to the benefit of our citizens. Work with our citizens in developing a new General Plan with future ordinances and codes designed to keep our community the beautiful, rural town that it is. To keep D-H debt free.


Doug Treadway

Name: Doug Treadway

Age: 73

Length of time living in Dewey-Humboldt: Since 2012

Occupation and professional background: I worked over 30 years with several federal and state natural resource agencies. My career involved close coordination with federal, state, local, tribal and private entities to address a wide array of natural resource issues. In the 1980s, I owned and operated my own reclamation and seed growing business. After retiring from the Bureau of Indian Affairs in 2012, my wife and I relocated to Dewey from Chama, New Mexico. I was elected to Dewey-Humboldt’s town council in 2014, and currently serve as the town’s representative on the Northern Arizona Council of Governments Regional Council, and a position on the advisory council for the Area Agency on Aging.

Educational background: I attended college at Eastern Kentucky University studying geography and environmental studies, earning a master’s degree in 1971.

What made you decide to run for council? A couple factors made me decide to run for a second term for council. Foremost, I believe I offer an open-minded attitude that is important in bridging personalities to get things accomplished. Secondly, I feel I can provide a civil tone needed to address some controversial issues facing our community.

What are the three main issues facing Dewey-Humboldt in the coming term? In my opinion, the three main issues facing Dewey-Humboldt are maintaining our community’s rural sense of character; continuing to be proactive in community Firewise efforts; and working diligently to resolve the Iron King-Humboldt Smelter Superfund Site.

What are your goals and priorities as council member? If elected, I feel it is paramount to update the town’s General Plan to be compatible with a low-density rural lifestyle. Thoughtful measures have to be explored to increase our town’s revenues to offset the reduction of state-shared funds. Water is life – the town needs a proactive water management plan.

Name: Nancy Wright

Age: 77

Occupation and professional background: Retired former accountant.


Nancy Wright

Educational background: Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Phoenix in Business.

What made you decide to run for council? I think it is important to have a variety of views represented on the council. I want to be a voice for those that want limited government. Limited government gives residents the most freedom with the least amount of government regulation.

What are the three main issues facing Dewey-Humboldt in the coming term? 1) Keeping residents informed on issues in a timely manner. This is essential to having a transparent government. 2) Civil discourse — not only between individual council members and the mayor but between residents and the council. 3) Keeping the rural Dewey-Humboldt. Maintaining the current zoning will help ensure this.

What are your goals and priorities as a council member?

My goals and priorities are to listen to residents’ concerns and keep them informed on potential issues, to do what is necessary to keep Dewey-Humboldt rural, to maintain a balanced budget so there will be no need for a property tax, and to work with others to make all of Dewey-Humboldt firewise.

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