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Tue, July 16

Letter: ‘Mirror image’


Several weeks ago the Courier printed my letter critical of Mr. Trump while asking if the same voters who marked their ballots for the man would also have him as their child’s teacher, one’s pastor, or even one’s lawyer or used car salesman.

I was frankly surprised that the president’s backers — some of whom wrote letters wildly enthusiastic back in 2016 — failed to rebut my criticism.

Admittedly, Donald Trump is very good at what he does. But the question has always been: “Is what he does good?”

He lies, he distracts, he bullies, he is forever full of himself. He denigrates anyone who disagrees with him. He’s vindictive, and he flaunts tradition and history.

Donald Trump is the mirror image of the fictional Sammy Glick from the 1941 book by author Budd Schulberg, a distasteful character who stepped over and on anyone in his way to gain publicity and ego gratification.

As president of the most powerful country in the world, he surely owes us more than this, especially the voters whom he apparently rallied and cajoled during his campaign and, sadly, still keeps in his corner with his reckless rhetoric and his cocky personality.

Gary Sanderson



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