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Sat, Aug. 24

Hamilton: So hot in LA that residents open doors just to feel ICE raids

HOLLYWOOD — God Bless America, and how’s everybody?

The Weather Channel reported record high temperatures in Los Angeles Friday as Santa Ana winds baked the city and all Southern California. How bad is it? It’s so hot in Los Angeles that people are turning in their neighbors and opening their front doors just to feel the ICE raid going by.

American Heritage magazine praised Robert E. Lee this month for his decision to surrender rather than disperse into the hills for years of guerrilla warfare. Every nation glorifies its heroes for posterity. For instance, the Iraqis teach their children that Saddam Hussein died bungee-jumping.

Fox News star Shannon Bream had to cancel her live prime-time show outside the Supreme Court Monday. She felt threatened by rioting protestors. Increasingly, I get the feeling that space aliens don’t visit us for the same reason you shouldn’t get too close to the monkey exhibit at the zoo.

President Trump meets NATO leaders this week where he will demand Germany begin paying up the NATO dues it pledged. He urged that Germany quadruple the amount of money they spend on the military. This is how it starts and then the next thing you know, the Germans are singing again.

President Trump flew to Brussels to demand NATO leaders pay up ahead of his trip to London and thousands of Muslim protests before his stare-down with Putin over U.S. sanctions. If anything happens to Trump on this trip it’ll be the same plot as Murder on the Orient Express. Everybody did it.

President Trump will be arriving in London this Friday just as Prime Minister Theresa May’s government is collapsing and her cabinet members resigning. The coincidence is incredible. The last guy to land in England with this easy a takeover opportunity was also from the House of Orange.

President Trump will negotiate in Britain Friday hoping to further along a U.S.-British trade deal with the UK government. Trade has huge support. Only a week after July 4th, a startling number of Americans are in favor of trading Hillary and Trump to England in exchange for Queen Elizabeth.

President Trump nominated a second conservative, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, to the Supreme Court, keeping his word to Evangelicals. That’s wise of him. His own Episcopal Church just said God may also be a woman, so he’s got a much better chance of salvation by sticking with the Evangelicals.

GOP Senator John Kyle of Arizona will be in charge of shepherding Judge Brett Kavanaugh through the confirmation process. The hearings in the Senate will be a bloodbath. Washington D.C. politics has become such a knife fight, I don’t understand how O.J. Simpson wound up in football.

President Trump tweeted Monday that China might be behind North Korea’s foot-dragging on nuclear disarmament. It’s understandable that a Pyongyang diplomat accused the U.S. of negotiating like gangsters. The North Koreans just got HBO and Mike Pompeo is a dead ringer for Tony Soprano.

Mike Pompeo returned from North Korea saying they made a lot of progress. Then suddenly, an NK diplomat insulted the U.S. for deploying gangster tactics. Negotiating with North Korea is like marrying a woman who only knows eight words in English, half now and the rest when we’re done.

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