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Thu, March 21

Letter: Drug costs


President Trump has finally zeroed in on drug costs. Those in power have been robbing citizens for years and years. His plan to eliminate the middle man sounds good to me. Who knew there was a middle man? Do we need a middle man? So much we don’t know. Just other expensive bureaucracy to add to the cost of drugs.

If I understand it correctly, there’s a huge conglomerate who negotiates prices on drugs. Medicare drugs aren’t in this category. Why? Those on Medicare need help because they’re not working anymore. Many with serious illnesses, who need expensive drugs to stay alive, have to cut corners because of the cost. Also, at present, we have the “doughnut” hole, which is another problem. It goes away in 2020, thank God.

Depending on what type of insurance you have, co-pays differ drastically. Nothing makes any sense. It’s also illegal to buy drugs from other countries. Probably not a good idea, but what other options do people have?

New drugs come out at costs the average person can’t possibly pay. Sometimes at a risk of dying. This whole situation is stupid! How this ever came about boggles my mind. Get a few geniuses together, make the process so complicated, nobody can figure it out and we end up with this mess. I wonder what the world and America would be without greed and corruption.

Bernice Cressy

Prescott Valley


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