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Sat, July 20

Rants&Raves: July 8, 2018

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  • Downtown memorial design: very status quo. Isn’t society supposed to progress?

  • We lower our flags after another mass shooting occurs. Is this the only change Americans make after other Americans die? Not enough!

  • News Alert! Outside merging lanes ARE NOT passing lanes. Please do not endanger others by treating them as such.

  • It sure seems to me that citizen participation in public issues has no impact. So why put on the show of citizen involvement?

  • Dogs are love. Come on monsoon. Shade is good.

  • Thank you, Les Stukenberg, for the rodeo photographs. You’ve been a busy boy.

  • Discrimination: Laws for or against discrimination – like Apartheid – violate our Natural Law right of freedom of association and liberty of contract.

  • How many abortions occur in this nation yearly? How many other deliberate deaths occur in this nation yearly? Compare the two statistics and then judge the situation.

  • Kudos to Kevin, a city streets employee for Prescott, who keeps the streets and sidewalks around the courthouse clean and spotless. What an improvement over year’s past. Keep up the great work!

  • I want to save the Dells too. Let’s be honest though and admit that if we want to “save” another’s property from development, we need to buy it from them.

  • So we’re at a Level 2 water alert now. Will we be at a Level 10 water alert when there are 10,000 more homes in the area? What poor planning. Stop the building of new homes now!

  • As the grass dies at Viewpoint Park and my own plants are struggling, the water trucks keep rolling at Granville, pouring their precious load onto the dust so more houses can be built.

  • The proposed education surcharge on the wealthy represents yet another example of “class warfare” on success. Proponents use snarky comments directed at a minority of taxpayers not responsible for the underfunding.

  • Nice to see banners supporting local events; however, after the event date has passed these organizations need to remove their banners. We are now littered with banners that are torn, coming loose and all for events that have well passed.

  • If we don’t stop growth we will have no water. We should make the cost of admission to Arizona in acre feet of water. We need that more than another subdivision.

  • In the near past, school bus seatbelts was a big topic. School buses are designed with extra safety frame construction. Children are rarely injured from not wearing a seatbelt. Lastly, you cannot keep the children seat-belted during a ride.

  • And of course that’s what we want – county supervisors – our home values to not go up so you can say our tax rates went down. LOL. Try again!

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