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Wed, July 17

Letters: Evolution


As a scientist, I was bothered by the story of Diane Douglas suggesting changes in the high school science curriculum. I particular object to her quote “The point of education is really to be seekers of the truth, whatever the truth may be.”

The point of education is not to teach the truth that is religion, it is to teach skills that will allow the student to find truth on his own.

That is why we teach reading, grammar, writing and mathematics. We also teach science, history and geography in order to allow the student to better understand the world.

Science does not claim it is seeking truth. Truth is left to philosophy and religion. Science tries to explain how the natural world works.

Scientists consider evolution as an observed fact, it definitely is not a theory. Just like when a rock is thrown in the air, it wwill return to earth; so too you can observe evolution.

The word theory is used by scientists in a different way than it is used by the public. It is not a guess or a hunch, rather it is a well thought out, tested explanation of some natural process.

Everyone agrees gravity exists; but the reason mass has gravity is still a theory.

The same with evolution, it happened, the mechanism is a theory. Darwin’s theory of natural selection has been replaced by new theories that are still being tested, and debated. What no scientist doubts is that evolution occurred.

Victor Holm

Geological Engineer


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