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Mon, March 18

Rants&Raves: July 1, 2018

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  • Fresh air and a breeze across your face is heavenly.

  • Several people seem to say a recession is ahead. Maybe or maybe not. Just know that if this happens it will be under another Republican administration. I hope it doesn’t happen. But, the Republicans are good at this recession business.

  • Governments need to act rationally and govern. Separating kids from parents is an afront to our logical and practical thinking.

  • City Hall — the landscaper that did the Alarcon tree upgrade, replaced the dead trees with live trees. They missed one dead tree. It’s on the SE corner of Alarcon and Willis. Prescott Tree Huggers Association looking out for Prescott.

  • All July 4th fireworks should be canceled due to the extremely dry conditions and Stage II fire restrictions, which prohibit the use of explosives/fireworks!

  • Is there ever one week that goes by where I-17 is not closed? This is so ridiculous. Come on ADOT do something! We are many years overdue for widening and Arizona is growing tremendously.

  • Canceling fireworks on the 4th was the responsible thing to do in light of this drought we’re experiencing. Thank you, Prescott!

  • Save the Dells does not speak for all of us. Most of us do not use the Dells. There are plenty of open spaces in Prescott for recreation. Our streets are used by everyone and need improvement.

  • APS generates only 12 percent of its power from “renewable” sources — and nuclear power is considered “renewable”? We can and must do better than 80 percent renewable by 2050! Five words: Solar. Wind. Abundant. Non-polluting. Planet-saving.

  • Just say no to greedy developers! Don’t need more houses! Save the Dells!

  • Be mindful that locking up guns works well with keeping young children safe, but the real big issue with guns is with criminals. They already have guns along with the criminal mindset through drugs, hate, or lust for money.

  • I recently had to renew my driver’s license. I stood in line with 50 other people for almost three hours! Only three MVD clerks! After about two hours, more clerks were coming in, still delayed because their computers didn’t work.

  • Rave for article titled “Yavapai County Juvenile Court program helps teenagers learn life skills, stay out of trouble 20 years.” Love hearing how our communities are helping the youth, who are the future of our great nation.

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