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Sun, Aug. 18

Letter: What has he taken away?


The burning question for all you Trump haters, “What has Pres. Trump taken away from you?” So far as I can see nothing. Wed Jan. 16 was the dance of the stupid on steroids. First Corey Booker one of the most anti-military senators crying crocodile tears to the homeland secretary. Coming on the heels of Frederica Wilson sham on the president’s call to a war widow.

Shameful to say the least. Then the DACA sham 6 months ago. The president gave congress a mandate to work it out. So what happened? A meeting in the oval office where the president acted reasonable then the other party like usual acted in bad faith manufactured some kind of a phony crisis and tried to blame it on someone else.

Sound familiar?

The real deal was the press conference with the doctor. It looked like Saturday Night Live all the self-important people at their best trying desperately to manufacture something, anything bad. The joke was on them. Donald Trump is smart--although unpolished, and is the right person to lead this country. It may take some time to clean out the rot and corruption and sense of elite entitlement left by the last administration, but little by little it will be gone.

A really good quote, “It is not power that corrupts it is the fear of losing power that corrupts worse of all.”

Robert Graybehl



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