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Rants & Raves: Jan. 14, 2018

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  • Oh goody, Arpaio is running for Senate. Nothing could represent Arizona better than a couple of octogenarians, especially when one is too sick to do the job and the other is a convicted criminal.
  • As his opening salvo in a bid for US Senate 85-year-old Arpaio addresses the urgent issue of ex-President Obama’s birth certificate. Wake up, Arizona.
  • RE: Barnes’ “Lest we forget” column – Dr. Barnes, we have “human rights.” The fact you separate black from white reinforces racial differences inferring inequality.
  • RE: Pedestrian safety – If the walk sign came on before the green light, the turning vehicles would see the pedestrians sooner because they would be farther out in the street.
  • Ever looked at the mockups of the proposed Mexico wall? They remind me of the wall the Soviets built in Berlin. Is there a connection? I think so.
  • How do evangelical/conservative Christians feel about the President using a curse word while in office?
  • Sorry to hear Rep. Paul Gosar on the radio apologizing for President Trump. Sad.
  • Face it, downtown Prescott is a great place to visit. As with any other community, growth is inevitable. If you have to park farther away from the plaza, take advantage of the exercise. The days of convenience is past.
  • Quit blaming the cops for actions of lawbreakers. People will continue to break traffic laws until hell freezes over, regardless of how many citations you hand out.
  • When are we going to address the age of people driving in the area? Driving has become dangerous due to elderly drivers who struggle with vision, lane control, and an overhaul lack of ability.
  • Parking meters would assist in the turnover of parking spaces. Some folks will camp out for hours in a space making it difficult for others to do business downtown. Also, downtown needs more handicapped spaces.
  • RE: Flat earth editorial – No matter where you stand on our earth, you can neither see nor sense any curvature. Why does no one think this odd, and why can’t we discuss it?
  • RE: Sam’s Club closing – What a shock and loss to Prescott Valley for both customers as well as the tax revenue to the town. We shop there at least once a week, as well as the gas station.
  • Drivers have a legal responsibility to look out for pedestrians. However, there are blind spots and pedestrians should not be arrogant and blind when walking around a parking lot.
  • RE: Yavapai Downs sold – Great news. Looking forward to having the facility reopened rather than sitting on the edge of town rotting away. I hope they will support the auto track also. It’s a part of the diversity of available events in the area.
  • The Courier to me, seems fair. It publishes my positive comments about President Trump, as well as the negative ones by others. Good guys never get an even break.

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