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Fri, May 24

Letters: Gun insanity

Gun insanity


Why do we allow one person to easily kill 26 people and injured another 20 in about 15 seconds while they’re meeting to worship their own God? Why do we continue to let this unchecked gun insanity rule our country?

Does anyone really believe the 2nd amendment was written to include semi-automatic weapons, bump stocks and extended banana clips? The recent Las Vegas shooting indicated how this type of equipment makes it very easy for one person to kill and injure hundreds of people in just a few minutes. Any adult can buy these high powered killing machines at a private sales table at all Arizona gun shows. A driver’s license is accepted and no background check required. We need to stop selling this stuff to anyone in America who wants it.

It seems we’re trying to do something to prevent some of the vehicle massacres by erecting barriers to slow these drivers down but continue to do nothing to slow gun violence in America. We just send our thoughts and prayers while waiting for the next one to happen.

Let’s stop selling the equipment that speeds up this killing process. No high powered semi-automatic weapons, No bump stocks and No extended clips sold would certainly help in slowing down some of this bloody human carnage in our country. When do the majority in America who don’t own guns and the sensible people that do, say enough to these bought politicians and start voting these NRA slaves out of office?

Michelle Star



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