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Tue, March 19

AROUND THE BLUHMIN’ TOWN: Are you ready for 2018? Ready or not, here it is

Are you ready to embrace 2018? Well, ready or not, here it comes. Time, once again, is marching into the beginning of a new calendar, pulling us along with it. That old illustrious half-ton ball in Times Square has already dropped like a rock, bringing in the New Year. Don’t forget, we in Prescott had our annual Boot Drop on Whiskey Row. A six-foot illuminated cowboy boot slowly lowered down The Palace Building’s flagpole is a sight to behold!

Did you know that there has been some sort of New Years celebration for more than 4000 years? This is the oldest of Holidays and was first observed in ancient Babylon with a festival that lasted for 11 days! They were the original party animals! Of course, lots of folks all over America like to slow down and enjoy a few drinks, good company and all manner of festivities to usher in the New Year.

My colleague has made a resolution to stop shopping in 2018 (drastic). I have a friend who has a resolution to train her Arabian for a 100-mile race (crazy). Can you imagine sitting in a saddle for 100 miles? One of my daughters wants to lose 10 pounds, a grandson wants to “master” snowboarding and a close friend wants to learn to fly a plane. Another colleague has a wife who claims she will not cook a meal for the entire year of 2018, so that she can “rest” her culinary skills and “free” herself to “do more important things.” Hmmm . . . in my house, not cooking translates to not eating. Oh and let’s not forget, this is the time to “reinvent” ourselves. Not exactly sure what that means, but it is a very popular phrase that signifies “I will be different in 2018.”

I suppose this begs the question: why bother with making New Year’s resolutions?

Aren’t they those impossible little statements of things we will do or goals we will achieve that only create disappointment? If we must make New Year’s resolutions, why not promise ourselves things that we can actually accomplish? Let’s be bold! Together, we can gain 10 pounds in 2018!

Oh, and let’s spend less time exercising and more time lounging around. And we should plan on procrastinating a little bit more.

We will not de-clutter or clean our garages! Dear Readers, we can conquer 2018 with a more reasonable attitude!

So in 2018, let’s not worry about getting a year older or other troublesome things. And who cares if we don’t fulfill every goal?

We still have a chance to reflect on the year past, make a plan for doing something new, like flying a plane or losing a few pounds. But do not feel guilty for keeping at least one tiny bad habit! We have a entire year to “work on ourselves.” Dear Readers, dream big, celebrate like the Babylonians, ride 100 miles and have a Happy New Year.

Judy Bluhm is a writer and a local realtor. Have a story or a comment? Email Judy at


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