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10:51 PM Sat, Feb. 16th
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Letter: Wage suppression


I’m responding to Larry Wonderling’s Talk of the Town column.

I notice he doesn’t mention one of the biggest reasons why people want the wall at the border between the United States and Mexico -- the millions who have come across that border looking for work.

Wonderling’s a Ph.D., so he’s never had to worry about his job being lost to an illegal or his wages being reduced by competition from illegals. The elites hide in their gated communities and lecture us deplorables on how we should think and act.

I’ve worked in the construction industry for over 35 years and can give many examples of wage suppression because of competition from people who aren’t here legally.

When I first started plumbing in the early ’70s, plumbers were paid more than nurses. According to a recent article in the Courier, the average wage of a nurse in Yavapai Co. Is $72,000. You would be hard pressed to find a plumbing employee who makes that plus benefits. Why? Because nurses don’t have to compete with illegals.

The elites refuse to recognize reality or stand up for blue collar Americans. Populism rears its head. It’s not just happening here but all across Europe. The main reason the UK voted to leave the EU is because of uncontrolled immigration that they had no say over.

Personally I think the wall is a waste of money. What would work better is to jail employers who hire people who are here illegally. The next time Tyson Chicken gets caught, throw the CEO in jail. But that’s not going to happen, so a wall is what we’ll have to settle for.

James McHale



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