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2:00 AM Tue, Dec. 11th

Letter: Enforce or change the law


Larry Wonderling’s recent Talk of the Town decrying improved U.S. border security was disingenuous. Illegal immigration causes serious, avoidable problems for Americans: Data conflict, but relevant observations include: 1) Illegals are prone to take jobs (for lower wages) that would otherwise be available at higher wages to citizens (or vetted “green card” holders). 2) Some illegals commit serious crimes. 3) Illegals may consume more resources than they generate. 4) Illegal immigration sends the wrong message to those legally seeking citizenship.

Unlike the Berlin Wall – oddly cited by Wonderling – improved U.S. border security isn’t aimed at keeping people from leaving, rather it’s aimed at better controlling who comes here, and needs to focus – as it historically has – on what benefits Americans. Despite some unhappy aspects of having to deal with the human effects of the Obama-Bush-Clinton years during which our immigration laws were often ignored, in a nation supposedly based on laws (instead of the whims of an autocrat), our laws need to be enforced or changed.

Furthermore, the political left – and Democrat leaders – seek open borders as a means to shift the electorate leftward. They know there is insufficient support to change relevant laws – so instead they promote extra-legal shortcuts by working to make their fellow citizens feel guilty. Instead, the real guilt accrues to those who seek to nullify our democratic processes. Such tiresome attempts are divisive, anti-democratic and prey on Americans’ good-natured kindness. Such con-jobs need to be exposed for what they are.

Michael P. Rethman