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12:29 PM Wed, Nov. 14th

Letter: Stop DACA


Many of The Daily Courier’s readers endorse DACA, painting themselves as compassionate and the rest of us who do not support DACA as inhumane. However, they do not deal with the consequences of their compassion on their fellow Americans which is the high cost of unemployment, increase in crime and burden on the American taxpayer.

I believe those behind DACA are part of the Resistance movement. The goal of the movement is to overthrow the American government and this will be achieved by stopping the Trump agenda from being executed. The Marxists are very well organized and are allied with The National Council of La Raza, an organization that promotes the Reconquista of the southwest United States.

La Raza believes that Arizona belongs to Mexico. Conservative politicians will always be their target and this why Rep. Paul Gosar is targeted. I expect an increase in attacks on other conservative politicians will increase as we are approaching this election year. Arizona was a swing state during the 2016 Presidential election.

The Freedom Caucus is asking President Trump that DACA not be tied to a spending bill but to a separate piece of legislation. If DACA amnesty is passed, not only will it be a stab in the back to the Trump voters but likely that the two Arizona Senate seats may go blue. Arizona is now a purple state. There’s a reason no country has a rule that if you sneak in as a minor, you’re a citizen. We’d be inviting the world.

Myrna Lieberman

Founder of Mobilization of Conservatives