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1:41 AM Tue, Dec. 11th

Letter: Close call


A missile controller is sitting at a computer terminal on a missile base in Colorado. This appears on his screen: “Incoming missile Hawaii. Impact 15 minutes.”

Immediately the North American Missile System activates and goes to DefCon 1. Blast doors are opened. Hydraulic supports cast off. Tracking radars are turned on. (There is no time.) Anxious eyes watch the sweeping second hand of the clock.

Missiles are primed. Nervous fingers hover over the launch buttons. Minutes later, a second signal appears: “Stand down. False alert.”

This is what actually happened, contrary to what is being reported in the news. It is a very dangerous world. This is exactly the way wars get started. We are walking a very fine line between war and peace. The hysteria over North Korea’s missiles (exacerbated by President Trump and the media) has taken root.

The difference between living and dying may only be a matter of seconds. Be prepared.

Michael J. Beisch

Skull Valley