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Sun, May 26

Letter: Spoiled idiots


Here we go again! A government shut down by a bunch of spoiled idiots. They -- Congress and the U.S. Senate -- are trying to punish their constituents because these lawmakers don’t want to negotiate.

As I see it, this whole thing revolves around the Democrats wanting to support illegals for their vote. The Dems will put any other reason for their holdout, but the truth is the truth. The fact of the matter is these illegals get more funds from the government than a senior citizen gets who paid into the system for years. I, for one, would be willing to trade my social security check for the monies these illegals get.

As for the shutdown, the first place funding should start is with the senators and congress members. Stop immediately at the stroke of midnight the day of the shutdown. Included should be their salaries, benefits, insurances. They should turn in the keys to vehicles that taxpayers are paying for. Additionally, funds for their staff and office space should end. We also need to add the members of the Supreme Court. After all, they are partially responsible for what’s going by some of their stupid decisions.

Without our financial support, they might be willing to talk about what is really needed.

Dick Poole

Chino Valley


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