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8:52 PM Sun, Dec. 09th

Letter: Optics are bad


It breaks my heart that it seems that political correctness has spilled over to infect even Republicans who now seem to have a holy than thou purple halo shinning over their heads.

I do not pretend to understand what seems a vendetta against David Stringer. I do feel it is a bad move by republican leaders to attempt to undermine a duly elected AZ House Legislator. Optics are bad.

Voters spoke loud and clear in the primary and the general with a message to leaders in Yavapai County: “Keep your soiled hands-off of David Stringer.”

I have read the words that seem to be what put their underwear in a twist. The words were true and in these days of political correctness and identity charged political climate it seems leaders in Prescott jumped to make a mountain out of a molehill.

Voters of our district know David Stringer and they support him. They also recognize political correctness and identity politics when it is used as tool in a political war game.

I am fed up with the political games local leaders play. They make fools of themselves demonstrating they are out of touch with our district voters.

Patricia Gillenwater