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Wed, July 24

Letter: Trump regret?


I can relate to Mr. Payson’s letter to President Trump, which you printed on Aug. 28. I too preferred others in 2016, but ultimately voted for him. Most of the 63 million who voted for him would never use such language and would strive to be more “presidential.”

Having said that, I realize that none of us would have been elected, because none of us and not one single conservative candidate who ran in 2016 would have been able to withstand the unbelievable onslaught that the media, entertainment, academia and the establishment in D.C. have fired at him.

He is more hated because of his inartful language, but make no mistake: Any non-politician with traditional conservative values would have been pilloried beyond belief by those who feel entitled to control the course of this nation despite never having stood for election. And so, Mr. Payson, the next time you feel regret at your vote, consider what we would be facing if the election had gone the other way.

We would never have learned of the abuses of power that tried to sway the election, which are now coming to light, nor would we be reading about the improvements in our economy, workforce, unemployment, treaties, etc.; but would be seeing a continuation of the previous three administrations telling us to accept the “new normal” of a declining economy, world affairs and our standing in the world.

Bob Weiss



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