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Tue, June 18

Letter: Just the facts

Just the facts


Alexandra Piacenza’s column: Civilization 101, Learn to Behave Aug 12. Sounded like a positive, “bring people together” piece until alas, at the end of her column, the only example she gives to this lesson in civility is the “raising middle fingers to reporters and TV cameras at a political rally.”

She is referring to CNN’s Jim Acosta and his outrage over people telling him the “media is the enemy of the people” at a Trump rally. Her column doesn’t have even one mention of the attacks going on daily against Trump supporters both in the media’s reporting and editorials, including the daily Trump bashing by the Courier’s editorial ‘columnists’ and articles.

No mention of Trump supporters being thrown out of restaurants; Trump administration individuals being harassed and their families threatened with violence; supporters of our President being physically assaulted by leftists; and property stolen or destroyed while merely walking down the street. Our Press Secretary has to have Secret Service protection at taxpayer’s expense because of this incivility by the liberal left. Wouldn’t that have been a better example of real incivility Ms. Piacenza?

Democrats have openly called for the attacks and harassment of the people that support our President. However, in Ms. Piacenza’s column the only example of incivility is Trump supporters giving the finger to a CNN reporter? The Courier has consistently shown liberal, left biased in their editorials, cartoons and spin of their news articles. The current media is the enemy of the people, and it’s time for the Courier to start giving us just facts in reporting without the liberal spin.

Carolyn Sherman

Prescott Valley


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