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Fri, July 19

Rants & Raves: Aug. 26, 2018

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  • I liked the music of Aretha Franklin, and I even bought one of her records, which proves, once and for all, I cannot possibly be a racist.
  • Republican Columnist Reagan is surprised! Surprised that a former CIA director and a former president speak ill of Trump, although Reagan himself calls Trump “imbecilic and vindictive.” Trump is Trump’s own worst enemy – he’s destroying the Republican party.
  • It is amazing that an anonymous person in Dewey-Humboldt sends out an anonymous newsletter complaining about anonymous complaints being allowed by town staff? Does this person have a right to complain anonymously?
  • Mortimer Farms Berry Festival. Why are you publishing a story nearly two months old?
  • There is no such person as an Independent voter. It would be better for the Republic if there were no Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Greens or other fictitious, self-serving sub-species.
  • Paul Gosar needs to start taking Paxil. Behavioral medication, cause you opinions don’t sound human. Get help Mr. Gosar.
  • An idea for downtown and city hall doesn’t want to hear. There are 15 striped spaces next to parking spaces. Find 4 more, turn these striped islands into landscaped planters. Plant 19 alligator junipers. A living memorial.
  • I wholeheartedly agree w letters regarding inappropriate attire of students and teachers. Traditional manners and propriety would serve the educational environment well.
  • Do you remember the first acronym you saw, heard or read? For me I think it was V.I.P. Acronym’s sure dominate today.
  • When Betty White passes, flags should be lowered for a week. I hope it never happens.
  • Rejoice Trump supporters and embrace truth isn’t truth, the press is the enemy of the people, the endless lying, corruption, hiring far from the best people, and racism. Be resolute in your convictions while we await more convictions.
  • Interesting comparsion. Our last president was the most professional president. Our current president is the least presidential professional president. Yikes ! ! !
  • Our beloved senator has chosen not to receive any more medical treatment. What’s even sadder is that our president doesn’t care.

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