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Sat, April 20

Letter: Congressional oversight


Given the course of events surrounding our Executive Branch over the past 18 months, as punctuated by an embarrassing performance in Helsinki, it is past the time to ask our representatives in Washington what they (Mr. Gosar) are doing to stop or check this madness.

Congress has oversight authority of the Executive Branch, but they refuse to use it. Sadly, with a Republican majority playing the role of enablers nothing important has or is happening unless it has to do with undermining the FBI or the Justice Department on behalf of the President.

Why don’t you hold hearings into why the President has failed to order any enhanced cyber security measures to protect our elections and consider increasing funding to the states so that they can implement their own counter measures; or find out why Trump fired our top cyber security coordinator on the National Security Council and permanently eliminated the position; or hold a hearing on what lead up to and who provided input into the surprise decision to cancel joint military exercises with South Korea; or explore what and who was behind Trump’s surprise idea to bring Russia back into the G7; or learn why Jarod Kushner was meeting with an executive (and former FSB officer) of a sanctioned Russian Bank during the Presidential transition; or how about learning why immediately after inauguration President Trump tasked his staff to find a way to unilaterally remove sanctions on Russia. Your job is oversight. The Justice Department is doing their job — are you?

Scott Kemper



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