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Letters: Voices



One could laugh at the “Trumpian” letter of Aug. 2 but for the need to focus on its’ litany of distortions and untruths. Is a free press the enemy of the people? Of course not! An ill-informed populace is the enemy of democracy. Not allowing a voice from opposing views is one mark of Fascism. Many, if not most, of the media spend a preponderance of their time telling us how they think as well as what we should think; I’d rather hear real, unfiltered news. Comments on the editorial pages, please.

Taking this to an even lower level, the discourse in academia is downright disturbing and disgusting. Free speech and the First Amendment seem to be AWOL on campuses around the country. The radical left and the PC culture will not debate conservatives. They cannot! Name calling and charges of racism and bigotry are used to squelch your rights to peaceably assemble and espouse your point of view. The left continues to use disrespectful language and imagery and character assassination as means to shut down those that disagree. The Democrat pity Party is OK with this, in fact they encourage it! The media is OK with this! Academia is also OK with this! Fascism again, look it up!

You alums out there may want to reconsider supporting this behavior, both by professors and their students. Sending our children to institutions that restrict speech and blatantly punish opposing thought is not good for our future. These are not places for vitriol and violence. We can respectfully disagree. There is stupidity in this world. There is ignorance as well. Stupidity is forgivable.

David Cox



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