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Wed, July 17

Letter: I’m glad I voted for Trump

I’m glad I voted for Trump


Re: Pamela

On Aug. 4, the Courier printed a letter from Pamela Beitzel. Among other things her letter says that “in her opinion” Trump’s policies serve only the three “W’s:” the white, the wealthy, and the well connected. That is not smart. It’s like saying that a rising tide only lifts boats belonging to “the white, the wealthy, and the well connected.” The recent 4.1 percent quarterly growth in our GDP has no idea about “white, wealthy, or well connected.” The lowest unemployment rate of African-Americans in the history of that statistic suggest no knowledge of the three “W’s.” Pamela said she believes climate change is real and human caused. She may be right. However, in my lifetime scientists have said “we are going into another ice age.” Heightened awareness of, and efforts to clean up, man-made pollution is a good thing. Pamela also says she believes in the separation of church and state and in the same breath says Trump’s policies run contrary to the values of our Constitution and of Jesus Christ. Is that an oxymoron? It seems that Pamela, and many others, can’t separate Trump’s very un-presidential personality and behavior from the many pro-American policies he has tried to install. I get it! His tweets and often ridiculous comments (LeBron James) for example, make me cringe. However his efforts regarding the border, North Korea, and Iran for example make me glad I voted for him.

Darrell King


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