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Thu, Feb. 21
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Letters: Democratic Socialist

Democratic Socialist


I am getting tired of folks smearing Democratic Socialism by equating it with communism, socialism, and totalitarianism. These are all different things.

We can equate Democratic Socialism to the Nordic Countries, which are rated as the happiest countries.

C.R. Shoemaker’s letter of 07-30-18 is an example of smearing Progressives and Democratic Socialism, insinuating they are violent (perhaps Shoemaker is thinking about Antifa and the alt-right). Shoemaker asserts that Progressives occupy the ‘outer fringes’, are hypocrites, and have embraced socialism-- assertions not based on facts.

Shoemaker also refers to Progressives as using intimidation, threats, and fabrication, but does not back up these slurs with facts.

Progressives want a country that works for all, not just the elite. Many today cannot afford health care; we need Universal health care. We support tuition-free college and living wages. We don’t want our social security and Medicare labeled as “entitlements.” We have paid into these ourselves, as did our employers.

People accuse Progressives of just wanting “free stuff.” What we want is a decent infrastructure, clean water, health care for all, education without lifelong debt for our citizens. We should look to our bloated military-industrial complex and to the 1 percent to help pay for a better life for all.

We actually had a President who was a Democratic Socialist, who brought our country out of poverty and the massive unemployment of the Great Depression.

He was the most popular President ever and was elected to four terms; this was FDR.

Sharon F. Tice


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