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Sat, May 18

Letter: Shoemaker’s letter


I do not disagree with C.R. Shoemaker’s letter to the editor in which he laments that our nation is more divided than it has been since the Civil War. Where he errs is in making the assertion, which I hear from a lot of conservatives these days, is that liberal equals extreme, radical, socialist and dangerous. He acknowledges that the “core of both parties” is “intelligent and clear thinking,” but never mentions that there is an extreme right wing of the conservative party, too, whose views and policies are now on full display.

I do not support Donald Trump. In my opinion his policies serve only the three W’s: the white, the wealthy and the well-connected. I think he is an ignorant bigot who puts his own interests above the needs of the nation. In my view, the policies of his administration are anti-environment, anti-education and run contrary to the values of our Constitution and of Jesus Christ. I will vote against them in November.

I believe in a nation of laws that serves all the people. I believe racism is wrong. I believe in investing in public education. I believe climate change is real and human caused. I think everyone has a right to affordable health care. I believe in separation of church and state and of checks and balances in government. Does that make me a radical extremist? It’s so easy to see the world in terms of black and white – but Truth is usually somewhere in between.

Pamela Beitzel



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