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Fri, Oct. 18

Ask the Contractor: Random acts of kindness

The article in The Daily Courier on July 24, “A movement to end homelessness in Prescott,” made me realize that we are a movement of people creating events and random acts of kindness to spread hope, love, compassion and light. I am taking a little side step with our Ask The Contractor Column this week and want to write about kindness.

Reading the article about CCJ and their quest to end homelessness I asked myself: What’s next for us? The answer is fresh new beginnings. “Just when the caterpillar thought life was over, he transformed into a butterfly.” We all need to live to be the best. We live in cities and towns throughout a nation and in a wider world where changes always happen — changes we will continue to see happening as long as there is life on this planet. We’ve seen men walk on the moon and women, too, launched into space; we’ve grown to love organic produce and exercise. We have embraced green building technologies; we’re watching driverless cars become an item and thousands of new words added to the dictionary such as completionist, slacktivism, esports and breakfunch, something which I do all day — eating small meals between breakfast and lunch. I also love another new word added; sillerious, being silly and serious. Everyone is wearing a smartwatch and an exercise band, that tells us that we have slept well and how many steps we have had during the day. Just imagine what might be next on the horizon. Just imagine a movement to end homelessness in Prescott!

If anyone has asked me years ago if I thought I would be executive director of a construction industry organization, I probably would have said, “Are you kidding?” Now it is 2018 and after 12 years as the proud executive director of the Yavapai County Contractors Association, I am still energized and thrilled to continue growing the promise of YCCA and the promise of the community. I continue to love to be the best and remain optimistic about tomorrow, next week, next year and all the years beyond and promote an industry that built America.

Think about where we have been, how we have changed, and where tomorrow may lead us. Everyday, I am honored to continue playing a key role along with so many others in promoting a better, safer, community for everyone because we know that cooperative efforts can make great changes happen.

YCCA is extremely proud to be a part of this community and work for you and I am so very proud to represent YCCA. Our work at YCCA extends far beyond the world of contracting, for us the ultimate goal is to touch and enhance the lives of all those who share our good fortune in calling Yavapai County “home.”

For those of you that know me, know that I am an eternal optimist. I am always searching for a glow and a gleam of hope. I know it is a nice outlook, but not always an easy attitude. We have those enthusiastic work weeks, only to be confronted by every hurdle imaginable, and then finding ourselves looking down and not up. Let’s all be a light. I read the below article in 2016 and have kept a copy tucked away at my desk. Remember it is love and thankfulness for living, working and being a part of a truly wonderful place in the universe that makes our community great.

Elizabeth Gilbert wrote an article for the OPRAH Magazine in May 2016 titled, “The kind gesture that helps Elizabeth Gilbert find the light on her worst days. When the world feels cold and dark and lonely, take heart: Anybody can make their corner of it brighter.”

You can read the article in its entirety online at

The essence of the article is that we live in a hard world and sometimes it’s extra difficult to be a human being. Sometimes you have a bad day. Sometimes you have a bad day that lasts for several years. You struggle and fail. You lose jobs, money, friends, faith, and love. You witness horrible events unfolding in the news, and you become fearful and withdrawn. There are times when everything seems cloaked in darkness. You long for the light, but don’t know where to find it.

We can all be the light. And as Gilbert said in the article, “How we behave matters because within human society everything is contagious—sadness and anger, yes, but also patience and generosity. Which means we all have more influence than we realize.” No matter who you are, or where you are, or how mundane or tough your situation may seem, you can illuminate your world.

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