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Fri, Nov. 22

Letter: 'Trumpian’


The letter, “Legacy Reversed,” July 31 cheers about Obama’s legacy being “destroyed.” Of course, Mr. Fowler’s point of view is that of big business and the wealthy. His idea that the economy is good and wealthy people are happy and making money leads Fowler to believe all is Trumpian wonderful. However, a majority of Americans disagree.

Listening to Trump and his fake news affiliate, FOX, you would have thought we were on the brink of destruction when Trump came into office. We weren’t. The economy had record job growth, record expansion, and wages were on the rise. ISIS was on the run. There was hope of cleaner air and water with Obama’s clean water and air initiatives. Banks were loaning again, and people were beginning to recover from the great recession of 2007. Trump actually took over a government and economy in good shape.

Fowler says that to reverse Obama’s legacy is a great achievement. Luckily, the majority says no. No to disenfranchising our strongest allies; no to kowtowing to Putin; no to allowing China to lead on trade in the world; no to giving up on Crimea and Ukraine; no to denigrating our intelligence agencies; no to more air emissions and chemicals in our groundwater; no to acceptance of White Supremacists; no to voter suppression; and, no to claiming that the free press is the enemy of the people.

By the way, the Obama government was never anti-West, anti-freedom or anti-Constitution, but Trump’s certainly seems to be.

Bob Lynne


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