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Fri, Aug. 23

Letter: Evolution


David McNabb’s interesting letter (07-08-18) agrees with Diane Douglas (Arizona’s Education Superintendent) and her support of creationism, while bashing Victor Holm’s recent letter explaining evolution as being scientific. McNabb, a creationist, considers Holm’s claim that scientists accept evolution is absurd. McNabb claims an estimated 10,000 American scientists reject evolution without mentioning that the majority of Scientists do indeed accept the Theory of Evolution, both in American and worldwide. Later in his letter, it’s only 1,000 scientists.

To the layman, the term “theory” means it’s an unproven idea, but to scientists it means that new evidence can change the theory, which is still happening at the periphery of evolution. However, evolution is a mature theory, and its central concept can be considered by a layman to be factual, hence its teaching in schools.

McNabb’s scientists are creationists, and many do not have degrees in biology or related sciences. Anyway, science isn’t a popularity contest — it’s based on evidence. There’s still a group called the Flat Earth Society — now that’s absurd! Any scientist can present evidence to show why evolution is wrong. You have to wonder why haven’t any of McNabb’s scientists presented evidence to refute the central concept of evolution? Well, their basis for rejecting evolution is religion, not science. Creationists believe the Bible is the literal word of God, and believe both of the different creation stories in Genesis are true, hence science must be wrong.

That’s why Christian creationism and intelligent design are not taught in public schools. Creationists have fought this battle in the courts many times — and have lost every time, including in the Supreme Court!

Nigel Reynolds


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