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Rants&Raves: April 29, 2018

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  • RedForEd: Ducey’s education plan is to divide and conquer. What he has actually done in the past is what counts, not his empty promises. Same for the Legislature.

  • Just what are they teaching? Sign a contract to teach for the year for X amount of money, then demand more pay and walk out? I guess their word in worthless. They all should be fired for breach of contract.

  • Being a Small Business Owner in Prescott on Cortez Street, going on 5 years now, has its challenges. If it’s not a parade or event at the plaza taking the parking and closing the streets, it’s construction during business hours.

  • North Korea and South Korea to start talks about peace. It’s wonderful life.

  • Let’s go over this again, guns do not kill people, people kill people. Ten people were purposefully run over on a sidewalk and killed in Canada, by a person driving a rented van. Do I say more?

  • We need to get our heads out of the bucket and realize that our water levels, due to rain and snowfall, are cyclic. When it seems like we have no more water, we get more than we asked for. Relax.

  • What will the children eat if the schools close? This is what education has become, a food distribution center for the offspring of people who have no business having kids they can’t provide for.

  • So, can I invoice PUSD for my time lost from work due to being late to work Thursday and for the early release Friday? Costing parents money is NOT a good way to get your point


  • Applause to PUSD teachers! Thank you for thinking of our children and agreeing to a compromise of a “Walk About.” You continue to prove why PUSD has the best teachers and support staff in the state.

  • That new vehicle tax levy definitely needs to be taken to court. No specified amount; no specified target; no vote; no way.

  • With the rampant increase of electric/hybrid vehicles, the brunt of the expense has to be born by them. They pay no/little gas tax, they get a disportionate number of preferred parking slots, they are just as hard on roads.

  • Hey Rep. Campbell, instead of raising the sales tax by another cent, how about raising corporate taxes?

  • Really? That’s your answer? Increase sales tax, again?! How about cutting unnecessary spending? Our politicians are out of control! Let’s get our

sales tax over 10 percent and cut our local business’ throats even more. Brilliant!

  • The memorials are the only reminder on the Spars that it is a dangerous winding mountain road with bicycles, cattle, wildlife, drunk drivers, and semis that are too big for the road.

  • A big thumbs up to Bob Lynne (letter to the editor) April 26. Our schools have “given up enough.” Full support of our schools and teachers is long overdue!

  • Sorry, not buying Rep. Campbell’s call for yet another sales tax increase. Raise the gas tax, which would be more universally applied statewide and has not been increased in decades. Stop the hateful class warfare and clean out administrative bureaucracy!

  • Regarding the teacher strike, we do not have a funding problem as numerous sources are available. We have a serious political problem residing with the Governor and the Legislature. They have misled the public and the teachers! Shame!

  • I wonder if the teachers who opted to go to work on Thursday will accept any raises that might be forthcoming.

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