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Wed, June 26

Letter: In-state tuition ruling


The recent decision by the Arizona State Supreme Court upholding the appellate court’s decision to deny in-state tuition to non-citizens prompts some comments and some questions. The practice continued even after the decision by the appellate court. Has anyone calculated the tens of millions of dollars that were taken from our ELHI system by educators who valued the education of illegal immigrants more highly than that of the children of our citizens? Where were the protests and marches by teachers over that injustice? Will the case now be appealed to the US Supreme Court? Will the same decision makers deem that they have the authority to continue to grant this illegal benefit until SCOTUS hears the case? If it is appealed, who will foot the bill for that costly endeavor? And finally, if an appeal is sought and that practice continues, will our teachers then demand a stop to it for the sake of our children?

Bob Weiss



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