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Rants&Raves: April 22, 2018

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  • Why are they digging Alarcon again after total rebuild? I don’t get it.

  • Finishing Interstate 11 (currently Highway 93) will fix the problems on Interstate 17. I-11 will certainly be the loneliest interstate in the country except for all those semi-trailers.

  • Attention: Event, class, meeting, and workshop planners: Believe it or not, NOT everyone in the Quad Cities is retired. Please consider booking some of your events for times when working people can attend without endangering their jobs.

  • Watson Lake is polluted – been this way for a long time. Why a study? Just get a company to fix it!

  • Arizona Cardinals to be much improved this year. Why? They just signed Marcus Williams, a graduate from North Dakota State. Those Mighty Bison alums bring hard work ethic and proven skill.

  • I have been here for six years and I ride the Peavine Trail every day. Don’t panic, the Dells are not going away and the Peavine will be here long after I am gone.

  • Truckers pay annual fuel tax fees as well as additional over-the-road special taxes in each state. Ever wonder what the little window and/or door stickers and long small numbers are for, on the big rigs?

  • When did teachers stop mattering? When education, knowledge and facts are impugned; when you can buy the synopsis of great books on Amazon; when the public’s attention span fits into a 30 minute sit-com. Then no one cares.

  • Not buying the Courier’s argument to “GIVE” Dreamers anything. They should follow the same process of other immigrants seeking citizenship. Obama illegally bypassed Congress unlawfully creating DACA! So why authorize an illegal order when illegal actions should have consequences?

  • Teachers have been offered their 20-percent raise; Yavapai College now wants a 2-percent property tax increase for a “Success Counselor.” What is that? Why should homeowners without children in school pay for it? What happened to cutting costs?!

  • Why would we want to open ourselves up to the homeless, beggars, and panhandlers? We have hopefully finally gotten the rehab fiasco under control. Don’t make this a Mecca for those who would rather beg than work.

  • Joe Howard and Tim Carter miss the big picture. Teachers I know have to work two to three jobs to make ends meet. That short-changes students every day more than a strike. Massive neglect of education funding requires massive action.

  • The amendments are rights not privileges! Our amendments are not God-given rights either. I have a right to walk down a sidewalk without being harassed by a panhandler, they do not have the right to harass me!

  • Gov. Ducey hasn’t exactly approved a 20-percent raise for teachers. He’s stalling for time, hoping for emotional rescue when everyone goes away for summer. School folk are right to insist he put up or shut up right now.

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