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Mon, July 22

Letter: Border wall too costly


Why are the Trumpians and the rest of the Republicans so excited about President Trump’s continued push to build his wall? On whose dime?

Trump says he’s keeping his campaign promise to build this Republican supported White Elephant that will cost billions to build and maintain, but seems to have forgotten who will pay for his monstrosity.

Just the legal costs of property seizures and numerous lawsuits will take years of litigation and much of your tax dollars to defend. What about water right treaties between our two countries? Trump and his Trumpians seem to think everything is easily solved. Most don’t look past their own noses, and too many of them vote.

Arizona attempted to fund a border wall by establishing a website for voluntary donations, guess what? Very few wanted to pay for this nonsense, but some did.

Any fence or wall can be easily breached. It only serves to slow the invader down.

Any illegal invasion can be stopped at a fraction of Trump’s wall cost with monitored sound detectors, cameras and human intervention.

We’re living in the 21st century not behind ‘A Wall of Jericho’.

Trump’s wall is an ignorant idea.

Michelle Star



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