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RANTS&RAVES: April 8, 2018

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  • Let’s become the town that quit name-calling. Stop calling anyone a derogatory name. Unkind names divide, and spread hate. Be specific of others’ actions and words. Stop with the accusatory labels. This would make our town an even better place.

  • I was told the landscaping associated with the Marina Street repairs would be installed in March. It’s now April. Anybody at City Hall listening?

  • As Trump sends troops to the border, remembering 7-year-old Brisenia Flores and her father, two Hispanic Americans gunned down in their homes. Not all the “guards” are good people.

  • RE: Education in Arizona - simple solution, legalize cannabis and have all taxes go to education. We would have the best education programs (education, sports, arts, music and after school programs) in the nation!

  • I’d like to register a complaint. The art house movie “Isle of Dogs” does NOT seem to be viewing in our area. Why? Are we so conservative that a movie about dogs is NOT in our entertainment field?

  • The roller derby was great fun and well attended. More people should come out to see this interesting sport. Thanks to the women who participate!

  • Dave Wheeler is an upstanding individual. He provided a multitude of opportunities for our outdoor enthusiasts and I wish him well in his next endeavor(s). We will miss Manzanita Outdoor.

  • More serious changes: Fail (hold back) students who can’t perform at grade. Require parents to participate as a condition of educating their children. Stop mainlining developmentally disabled students. Stop catering to sexually confused people. Stop being hostile to religion.

  • I would rather pay $80,000 a year for a journeyman electrician who loves to teach, than $40,000 a year for an indoctrinated Masters of Education. You don’t need college degrees to teach, you need to love teaching.

  • Everybody who lives here pays property tax, even renters pay property tax indirectly. The local community should fund education, not the state. A property tax seems the best way to do that. It works for Yavapai College.

  • We didn’t have children but paid for everyone else’s children. I worked for the state all my adult life, went for years without a pay raise but still paid. Fixed income now and we don’t have any more to give.

  • Fight fire with fire. Put armed officers in our schools. Our teachers’ salaries are consistent with all the other jobs in Arizona. Do not compare us with California teachers’ salaries. To be fair, unreasonable, give everyone a huge pay increase.

  • RE: I-17 improvements: Finally, but way overdue. Driving up Black Canyon has become Russian roulette. Shame that our beautiful saguaros, which are rapidly vanishing due to development, will suffer as a result. They don’t do well transplanted and some are 200 years old.

  • Condos/commercial project on Cortez sounds great, but no mention of the constant downtown problem: parking! What’s the plan for condo-residents’ cars?

  • Unfortunately it’s spring and the panhandlers start to bloom with the flowers. The beautiful weather of Prescott during the spring and summer months attracts them. The city has had success with the rehabers, hopefully they can do the same again.

  • “I don’t want some dog being wheeled around a supermarket in the same cart I’ll put my food in later to be able to stay just because he’s not misbehaving,” says Sen. Kavanagh. What about babies with soiled diapers?

  • People do not want me to own a gun, I don’t want their dog soiling the area I shop in because they don’t want to leave Fido at home. Fido is not shopping, the owner is.

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