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Tue, Oct. 15

Letter: Children’s safety


I grew up in South Dakota, hunting and a member of NRA gun safety classes. But I also know that no state allows fully automatic guns for hunting and they all have limits on magazine size for hunting.

The NRA argument that any gun law changes are an infringement on our Second Amendment rights are lies and gross distortion of fact.

The Supreme Court in 2008 (D.C. vs Heller) with a majority opinion written by Judge Scalia who is known for his right leaning literal interpretation of the Constitution held that while the Second Amendment supported gun rights for a militia and extended it to defense of one’s home or even camping tent also wrote that the Second Amendment does not guarantee the right to own military weapons or weapons of mass destruction and left the door wide open for government at all levels to restrict ownership or possession of such weapons. That would include Bump Stocks, AR-15s, and even extended magazines. Laws restricting sale of assault weapons were on the books and never lost in court but were allowed to expire.

The lawmakers use all the anti-gun law arguments to protect the money they get from the NRA. They are choosing NRA money to get reelected over our children safety.

The solution will take a while and during that time, more of our children will die of senseless gun violence. The solution is simple-take back your government. Vote the gun lobby supporting lawmakers out of office.”

Jim Damm


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