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9:53 PM Wed, Jan. 23rd

Letter: NRA core values


Between the years 2000 to 2010, I drew elk hunt licenses in Wyoming. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department put my name on a mailing list. I received solicitations from many organizations including the NRA. The literature sent to me from the NRA was some of the worst forms of fear and hate mongering I have ever read.

The NRA should stick to its core values of promoting the proper handling, use and technology of firearms. The NRA has morphed from its core values and has become a political lobbying group. Firearms and the 2nd amendment are the catalyst or symbol that draws new members.

When I look at a photograph of Black Lives Matter, I see black people. When I look at a photo of the NRA, I see white men. This isn’t tribal or identity politics but rather a simple observation.

Where does all the anger come from?

Why are able bodied, white men, who have the money to buy luxury items like guns and ammo, so filled with loathing and hate?

The philosopher Aristotle said, “If people perceive something as real, then it is real.”

The white men of the NRA have their perception of reality. For the rest of us, we must confront the NRA anger and vote their political allies out of office.

Eric Whitaker