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Mon, March 25

Rants&Raves: April 1, 2018

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  • I hope these teenagers can keep up the pressure on gun reform. They are well spoken. Just think the next 5 years will graduate many of them. Can’t wait to have more help getting reforms on guns. Keep it up!
  • Schools now hiring up security people for our schools. Who pays the bill? Why not send the bill to the NRA? Then sue them for non-payment.
  • Many here do “rolling stops when turning right at a stop sign or light.” Be aware and careful when making the turn, to be certain, safe and courteous that you are not entering into the same lane of an upcoming car.
  • Thank you to Prescott City Hall for replacing the historic light pole lamps. Previous were yellow and upward. The new lamps are LED white, facing down. Another reason to love this town. Hugs for everybody.
  • They’re still thinking of replacing the A-10 Warthog with the A-35. I love the Warthog. Prove to me that the A-35 is an upgrade. I know it’s far more expensive. Warthogs have done a wonderful job protecting our ground forces.
  • Hasbro CEO admits mistakes with toys. Jeezz! We are in big trouble now. I’m going to hide under my bed til this is over. Is there a bomb shelter I can rent? Where’s Trump when you need him?
  • City Hall, get to Alarcon and water/fertilize those new trees before they die. There about six trees already dead and still under warranty. Get going!
  • It’s not the NRA, it is the politicians they can buy.
  • Do the vehicles that run red lights believe the red light is only a suggestion?
  • It’s been 70 years since there has been a comprehensive population count. It is imperative to have not only an accurate count, but one that presents an in-depth picture of the makeup of the population.
  • This is a bad decision. I’m not a smoker but a wide open park or trail isn’t where we should ban smoking. I would think the council has more pressing/important issues than this ban.
  • Why do zoning laws even exist if, as the city says, it is obligated to waive them upon request from any property owners?
  • Once again Prescott is without an airline. Once again it shows there just isn’t the demand with a hub in Phoenix. Council and county supervisors, stop beating a dead horse. Our airport is fine for general aviation and ERAU.
  • If we would at least try to support our government, we might just prove that it works! All we do is resist, resist, and resist.
  • Thank you, Prescott Police for your presence at the March for our Lives during an already busy day!
  • When is President Trump going to “drain the swamp”? He is only appointing non-political, no-experience people to his cabinet.

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