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Sat, April 20

Letter: No good Nazis


I read Mr. Wayne Compton’s letter about being a Nazi. He seems to be making light of his golf, health, food, and sport Nazi’s. There is no good side of Nazism. There were hundreds of thousands of American service men and women killed at the hands of the Nazi. These people were killed trying to rid the world of these hate mongers and racist Nazi’s.

The Nazi’s killed 6 million Jews: men, women and children. Because of HATE. Another four or so million Catholics, Jehovah Witnesses, gypsies, and Slavs were killed because they rebelled or were considered second class or lower people. These people were undesirables and hated. Our ally, the Soviet Union, lost almost 30 million due to the war, military casualties and civilians from famine and disease.

Mr. Compton claims to be church going and ex-military, then he may be a good person but just ignorant. The term Nazism or Nazi equates with hate, murder, and racism. He should think twice before using his ‘Nazi’ terminology.

Jim Rubin



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