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Rants & Raves: Sept. 7, 2017

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  • Flake and McCain criticize Trump for Sheriff Joe’s pardon for a misdemeanor – indicating Trump did the right thing. Where was all the criticism of Trump’s predecessor for pardoning nearly 2,000 some who were felons?

  • Have they stopped the nonsense about expanding the airport? How many 2, 3, 4, 5 zones will become zone 1s if the expansion takes place? The Quad Cities are small rural towns, that’s why many moved here. Don’t change it.

  • The Deep Well development would bring in 30,000 new residents. Our ‘town’ will have an increase of 65 percent in population! Looks like our leaders want Prescott to become a city much like Anthem. How sad.

  • Thank you fellow Fry’s shoppers who educated me, in the cereal aisle, on the mix & match program of which I was obviously clueless. I’m now a dangerous shopper because of you both!

  • No person has the right to maintain (or not maintain) their property to the extent that it is a threat to another’s property, e.g. no 500 gallon gas tank in their yard. I believe that an attorney would know this.

  • It wasn’t that long ago Chino Valley was told, by ADOT, it owns the road and Old Highway 89 bridge. What has Chino Valley been doing since then? Maybe, not owning up to its responsibilities? Closure is not an option!

  • Tattoos – If somebody won’t want to see what someone else has to offer, they have the freedom not to look, just as the people with these attributes having the freedom to do what they want with their body.

  • Proposition 443 won on “feel good emotion” ignoring financial reality. Negotiations with the unions and Phoenix politicians has been compromised and in a few years Prescott will be seeking additional taxes as the unfunded liability grows out of control!

  • Residents complaining of airport noise should realize that all airports were there long before houses were built near them. People in town complain that they do not want more houses in their neighborhood. Okay, now they are complaining again.

  • “We have two Senators, and both are not serving our interests.” A very presumptuous and empty statement.

  • The CTC has tried and failed to “stick” it to schoolchildren and now retired policemen and firemen. Who’s next, widows and orphans?

  • So now that the tax is passed, people on fixed income must manage their funds better. Too bad the politicians cannot manage their funds. Oh, let’s just add another tax is their solution.

  • I am dismayed at the poor striping on Highway 69. Tremendous amounts of overspray, uneven lines. What is happening with our tax dollars? ADOT’s contractor should be made to come back and re-black and re-strip these lane indicators. Shameful!

  • Mining companies can’t make money if their trucks remain underweight or at weight. These overweight trucks are heavy vehicles too big for our local roads, leading to accidents that often cause serious injuries and even death.

  • It’s too bad that Skull Valley is experiencing growth and a little industry, but every town is experiencing the same thing. On the bright side, it is slow growth and the mine puts local people to work.

  • Ban homework! We educated 5 kids and now watch our grandkids struggle to balance family time with homework. Kids learn more from hands-on experiences. When we leave work we’re done, the same should be for school.

  • Hats off to Mary Beth Hrin for the wonderful comments she made in the Courier. I admire her for the way in which she continued fighting against those who stooped so low to discredit her through those deceptive mailers.

  • I just read John Stossel’s column, “Price gouging is actually a good thing,” and thought this guy is very much in the tradition of Jonathan Swift. Then I realized it wasn’t satire and he wasn’t kidding.

  • I am a retiree and live in Skull Valley. I trust the mine inspectors. I do not feel threatened by the opening of the mine or anything the alarmists are saying. They are just people who are anti-growth.

  • I never see a police car on Willow Creek Road. There are more cars speeding than I can count and it would be great to catch the people speeding.

  • For Labor Day weekend, ADOT lowers speed on I-17 from Anthem to Sunset Point; 22-mile back-ups occur. I-17 needs widening now. Extend the Sunset Point ramp one mile to the south for slow trucks and RVs.

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