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Wed, June 26

Letter: Unfair comparison


C.R. Shoemaker’s Aug. 18 letter deserves a response. He attempted to deliver an “unbiased” contrast and comparison essay on two forms of government, while asking readers to decide which would be best for American governance.

Along the way he linked the progressive wing of the Democratic Party to socialism. I’m sure Mr. Shoemaker is aware that the mere mention of socialism in Yavapai County gets an immediate response, and usually it doesn’t include cheering.

Well, even though Mr. Shoemaker was unable to provide a specific definition of “progressivism” I’ll admit, in my mind I’m a fairly “progressive” voter. I searched through my wallet and old purses and was unable to locate a Socialist Party card. Hmmm, now I’m wondering, using Mr. Shoemaker’s own standards, if he might consider himself affiliated or inspired by Neo-Nazis or perhaps, Fascists? He appears to favor what he terms “Constitutional Conservatism” and being compared to a Nazi must be painful. I’m assuming I’m no more a socialist that Mr. Shoemaker is a fascist.

In closing, I’d also like to suggest to Mr. Shoemaker that the impeachment “craze” as he calls it, is demeaning and biased terminology. It’s not a “craze,” it’s a reaction by millions of Americans that are fearful, embarrassed and disgusted by the current President of the United States. It’s all about making America Great Again.

Lori Dekker



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