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Sat, March 23

Rants & Raves: Sept. 3, 2017

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  • It’s obviously too much to ask our mail carrier to return the red flag to the down position after mail pick-up. Does he/she understand why? Our tax dollars at work – NOT.
  • Do critics not remember that Clinton pardoned his daughter’s future father-in-law who had been convicted of embezzlement? Or that Obama commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning, who leaked 750,000 top secret documents? In my book, these are more egregious crimes.
  • Sorry Tim, conscripted or not, your relatives were traitors to the United States of America. The Confederate statues are vestiges of Jim Crow, a failing South and do not reflect the Christian values of our country. Bring them down.
  • Educators’ first job is to “protect” their positions. Homework helps good habits and learning skills and pushes students to do more and be rewarded for it. No homework means “no” extra work for the teacher to “check.”
  • Denying history, sad or angry history, should not be destroyed but discussed – so futures may be better than the past.
  • This latest effort by the Democratic Party to remove Confederate monuments is their way to erase the history of their failing hypocritical party. The Democrats were and are the champions of racism.
  • Maturity does not automatically come with old age, nor is it even a mentioned in the Holy Bible. However, on the other hand, wisdom and aging are mentioned many times. When we gain this, we mature.

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