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Sat, Aug. 24

Letter: Unite against Trump


Much has been said about the divisiveness of Donald Trump and how he is tearing America apart. Although this is true (and not fake news), there is also a silver lining in this storm cloud named Trump. He is so divisive that he will eventually bring many Democrats and Republicans together in common cause.

Unfortunately the “Trumpists,” many of whom border on deranged fanaticism, with almost a religious-like level of fervor, will be glad to continue to support their unstable figurehead and consider him a martyr after he resigns or is deposed.

If Bannon and those like him have their way, our country will, for example, resemble Italy and Israel where extremist third parties hold sane mainstream parties ransom if these parties want to win. This is what may happen to our Republican Party. The Republican Party may have to sell their soul to the devil to maintain a majority.

Hopefully the Republican Party will unite with the Democrats to fight the political cancer that is growing.

If this happens, then we can say that Trump is truly a “unifier,” excluding of course the crazed fringe group that would follow him over a cliff like lemmings.

Trump supporters are in desperate need of “chemotherapy,” although they will proudly refuse treatment … but the way health care is going they would not be able to afford it anyway.

Patrick Leyden


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