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Thu, Aug. 22

Around the Bluhmin' Town: It’s OK to leave the house, summer is over

Looking for a reason to celebrate? Summer is over! Hey, I am not making this up ... check the calendar. Autumn has arrived! So, we are seeing cooler temperatures, with the crisp promise in the morning air that colder days are coming.

One woman in Prescott called summer 2017, a “too-hot, crazy, onslaught of 100 degrees of horror.” And she moved to Prescott to escape the Phoenix heat! Well, we did have a few hot days. The lady claims that her poodle was “too hot to make doo-doo” and refused to step out of air conditioning, consequently getting a “life-threatening” bladder infection.

This may give new meaning to the saying, “dog days of summer.” I’m no expert on “doo-doo,” but I can understand wanting to stay in the house.

A newcomer to the area emailed to say that one July day, while walking barefoot around his neighborhood, he burned the soles of his feet! This is exactly the reason why flip-flops were invented! He claims that no one “prepared” him for such hot weather in Prescott.

Oh my goodness, we are a mile-high town and suffered some triple digit days this summer ... but have you ever walked barefoot in Phoenix in the summer? No, because you would end up in the Burn Unit!

A woman in Prescott Valley believes that the only way to walk her dog “safely” in the summer months is to put little booties on his feet, to protect his pads. She said that her dog would absolutely not run in the heat (who would?) and “fattens up” every summer. Well, have you been on a scale lately? Hot weather, inactivity, and too much ice cream is not a “recipe” for fitness and health. Thank goodness autumn is here!

There are a million reasons to love this place, and the weather is almost perfect here! Now with summer just over, the beauty of orange and red leaves on towering trees remind us the beauty of Prescott.

I was driving in Chino Valley and watched three horses running and chasing each other. It was a beautiful sight. Children are out playing ball and soccer in all of the parks. Golfers are back at it, looking peppy and having fun. ATVs, horses and bikes are being ridden (or driven) and even couch potatoes are venturing into the great outdoors. Physicians say that people who have been sedentary all summer are suddenly out doing things (and injuring themselves). Be careful! It may take some time for your body to get used to walking out to get the mail at a fast clip.

Autumn brings the promise of better things to come — leisurely strolls, ballgames, breezes, less sweat and more energy. Cool days and cooler nights are positively thrilling! My horses are getting their thick winter coats. Trees are in glorious color.

The Prescott square looks like something out of a postcard. Little doggies can make “doo-doo” and old dogs can dream of running, jumping and feeling young again. One reader wrote in that she cooks better in cooler weather and will not even consider “getting romantic” with her husband until the temperature drops.

Maybe it was her husband that emailed to say that “summer wrecks his sex life.” Well, maybe he never heard of air conditioning.

As one reader put it, “Autumn is just one more time to remember why we moved here, why we stay here and why we love it here.” Or perhaps a few hot days in summer are merely an inconvenience. Until next week, look for your sweater and hang it boldly in a prominent place that can help you prepare for the cool that is coming!

Judy Bluhm is a writer and a local Realtor. Have a comment or a story? Email Judy at

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