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Wed, Oct. 16

Letter: Dog waste damage


Most recently, Mr. Dan Klass wrote that not only is dog urine benign, but actually beneficial to plants. I am not sure where Mr. Klass got his chemistry lessons, but this could not be further from the truth.

My son, a graduate chemical engineer, has provided me with numerous technical articles refuting this assertion, but I would direct Mr. Klass to perhaps a more familiar dog-friendly publication, from Dogster For Love of Dog, “The concentration of urea in dog urine is basically too much of a good thing for grass and other plants. Other salt and compounds such as potassium may also contribute, but nitrates are known to be the No. 1 killer. The main thing that makes dog urine more damaging is volume. Large dogs deposit more urine. Females tend to deposit it all in one location. Male dogs are easier on the grass but hard on trees, where urine sprayed on the trunk can filter down to the roots and in large enough volumes can kill the entire plant.”

To date, I have lost a 6-foot Butterfly Bush and have a badly dog urine-damaged hybrid African Kniphofia Uvaria (Red Hot Poker).

Apparently, the key point made by the original article was missed; 1) the total disregard of a request made by the property owner to the dog owner, 2) the dog owner violated the law in the city of Prescott.

So we are kindly asking dog owners to follow the law and not allow your dog to urinate on private property.

Dom Bianco


Former dog owner and avid gardener

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